Multani Mitti – Is it more than a placebo?



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“Multani mitti” or Fuller’s earth is a popular substance as home remedy in south Asia. It has been traditionally used as a cleanser for skin and hair in this part of the world for centuries. Though Fuller’s earth as name suggests was used for cleaning wool in Europe, and in modern times is used to bleach oils or drill mud, as adsorbent and even in film industry to form dust clouds or as mud bath. People in south Asia, particulary India, Pakistan and Nepal use Multani mitti in daily life as face packs for enhancing their beauty or to cleanse hair. Often dermatology patients seek advice on using this readily available substance, in this scenario it is pertinent for clinicians to be aware of pros and cons of usage of Multani mitti.

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Pramod Kumar, Liwa Health Centre, Ministry of Health, Oman

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