Prevalence of smoking, alcohol, and comorbid conditions in psoriasis


  • Ghazala Aziz Khan
  • Lamees Mahmood Malik
  • Muhammad Jahangir


Psoriasis, smoking, alcohol, comorbid conditions


Background Numerous studies suggest a link between cigarette smoking and alcohol. Psoriasis is associated with comorbid conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and metabolic syndromes which have a major impact on severely affected patients. Objective To study and assess frequency of smoking, alcohol, and comorbid conditions in patients of psoriasis. Patients and methods One hundred and four psoriatic patients fulfilling the inclusion criteria, were included in the study. Detailed medical history and examination of the patients with particular emphasis on the onset, distribution, and nature of psoriasis was carried out. History of smoking and alcohol intake was specifically looked for along with known history of other medical ailments. Diagnosis of psoriasis was clinical. Results Out of 104 patients 58% were males and 42% were females. Mean age was 34.8+14.71 years. Most of the patients had generalized type of plaque psoriasis. Among all, 26.9% were smokers. History of alcohol intake was found only in 2.9% of patients. Comorbid diseases noted were hypertension and diabetes present in 11.6% and 5.8%, respectively. 3.9% were positive for hepatitis C virus. Conclusion In our study, smoking was associated with severity of disease and mean PASI scores directly correlated with the number of pack years. Data regarding alcohol are still scanty and larger number of patients is required to establish or refute an association. Comorbidities in psoriasis may need careful assessment and early treatment. 


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