Canaliform Median Raphe cyst: A rare variant of a rare diagnosis


  • Vedika Barman Department of Dermatology, KVG Medical College and Hospital Sullia, India
  • Manjunath P Department of Dermatology, KVG Medical College and Hospital Sullia, India


Median raphe cyst, perineum, parameatal cyst, canaliform


Median raphe cyst are rare lesions, with fewer than 15 case reports from the Indian subcontinent. They are usually present over the midline and ventral aspect of the penis, usually near the glans. They can be present over the glans, penile shaft, scrotum or perineum.  Although present since childhood, they are usually reported by young adults when they increase in size, get infected or cause sexual discomfort. The typical location of the cysts helps in pin pointing the diagnosis. Although asymptomatic, in case of complications like infection, trauma or discomfort they should be referred to an Urologist. Case Report: A 4 year old male patient, presented with multiple cystic, fluctuant, opaque swellings present over the midline of the scrotum, ranging in size from 0.2cmX0.3cm to 0.5cmX0.5cm. They were present since birth and asymptomatic. No other pathology was detected in the genital or perianal area. As the lesion was not any source of discomfort, the mother was offered only reassurance and asked to follow up in case of any complications. Discussion: Median Raphe cysts are rare benign, congenital lesions over the male external genitalia. Histology demonstrates cysts lined by stratified columnar epithelium with no connection to the overlying epithelium. Differentials include epidermal cysts, pilonidal cysts, dermoid cysts etc. The pathogenesis is not fully understood, theories include defective urethral fold closure and ectopic periurethral glands among others. Surgical excision with primary closure leads to definitive cure.

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Manjunath P, Department of Dermatology, KVG Medical College and Hospital Sullia, India

 Professor and HOD


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