Cutaneous manifestations of chronic renal failure


  • Mariam Sheikh
  • Lamis Mahmood Malik
  • Muhammad Jahangir


Chronic renal failure, cutaneous manifestations, xerosis, pruritus, half-and-half nails, xerostomia


Objective To determine the frequency of cutaneous lesions in patients of chronic renal failure (CRF). Methods 350 patients of CRF regardless of gender and cause, fulfilling inclusion criteria were enrolled from all the four medical units, nephrology unit and renal dialysis unit of Jinnah Hospital, Lahore. An informed consent was taken. Detailed examination and required investigations for cutaneous manifestations were carried out, noted and entered in a structured proforma. Results Out of 350 patients evaluated, 100% had skin changes. 186 (53%) patients were males and 164 (47%) were females. The most prevalent finding was xerosis present in 309 (88.3%) patients followed by pruritus in 271 (77.4%) patients. Among nail changes, half-and-half nails were present in 267 (76.3%) and among mucosal changes, xerostomia was present in 290 (82.9%) patients.     Conclusion Chronic renal failure is associated with complex array of cutaneous manifestations caused either by disease or treatment. The commonest are xerosis, pruritus, half-and-half nails and xerostomia. 


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