A Rare Case of Giant Rhinophyma


  • Vladimír Bartoš Department of Pathology, Faculty Hospital in Žilina, Slovakia


Rhinophyma is a rare skin disease characterized by a disfiguring enlargement of the nose due to hyperplasia of sebaceous glands and underlying connective tissue. It is generally considered to be a final stage of untreated rosacea. This report describes a 79-year-old man manifested with a giant rinophyma measuring 7 cm in diameter. It grew for many years but the patient had not sought any dermatologic intervention. The lesion was completely removed by using sharp scalpel incision. Although rhinophyma is not a life-threatening condition, it can sometimes reach a huge size, with a negative effect on quality of life. Such cases are usually a consequence of patient's delay in seeking medical advice. In more pronounced lesions, a simple surgical removal under tumescent anestesia is an optimal treatment modality.




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