The frequency of autoimmune thyroid disorders in patients of pemphigus vulgaris


  • Farheen Hassan
  • Sadia Jabeen
  • Shehla Shaukat
  • Ghazala Butt
  • Dr. Raffad
  • Arsilah Erum
  • Ijaz Hussain


Pemphigus vulgaris, autoimmune thyroid disorders


Objective To determine the frequency of autoimmune thyroid disorders in patients of pemphigus vulgaris. Methods It was cross sectional study conducted at department of dermatology, Mayo hospital, Lahore. A total of 164 patients of pemphigus vulgaris satisfying the inclusion and exclusion criteria were enrolled. The diagnosis of pemphigus vulgaris was made clinically and confirmed on biopsy while autoimmune thyroid disease was confirmed by the presence of anti-thyroid antibodies and abnormalities in thyroid function tests. Reports were assessed and autoimmune thyroid disorder was labeled. Results  Out of 164 patients with pemphigus vulgaris, 114(69.5%) were males, while 50(30.5%) were females. Age range was between 20 to 70 years with mean age of 43.2±16.0 years. Among 164 patients, 9(5.5%) had auto-immune thyroid disorder, 3(33.3%) had Hashimoto thyroiditis and 6 (66.7%) had Graves’ diseas. Conclusion  Pemphigus vulgaris may exist together with autoimmune thyroid diseases especially Hashimoto thyroiditis and Graves’ disease. 


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