Glucose tolerance test in patients with lichen planus


  • Fakhrozaman Pezeshkpoor
  • Mohammad Javad Yazdanpanah Cutaneous Leishmaniasis Research Center, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Mashhad, Iran
  • Robab Bigom Aboutorabi
  • Mohammad Taghi Shakeri
  • Rohalah Motedaen-Tosi
  • Mohammad Hadi Foladi


Diabetes, impaired glucose metabolism, lichen planus


Objective To evaluate the prevalence of impaired glucose metabolism among patients with lichen planus. Methods Fifty-two patients with mucosal or cutaneous lichen planus disease were evaluated regarding disease characteristics, fasting blood sugar levels and glucose tolerance test (GTT) results. Results Impaired glucose metabolism including impaired GTT and diabetes was observed in 15 (28.8%) patients with lichen planus, so there was not any significant difference in impaired glucose metabolism of patients with lichen planus compared to the general population. Conclusion It seems that impaired glucose metabolism in lichen planus patients is not more frequent than general population.  


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