Skin biopsy- some key concepts and guidelines


  • Aisha Ghias king edward medical university / mayo hospital lahore


Biopsy, punch biopsy, shave biopsy, excision biopsy


Skin biopsy is an easy, fundamental and outpatient method aiding timely and correct diagnosis in various confusing skin disorders. In addition to diagnosis, it is valuable regarding monitoring purpose, evaluation of therapy and can be curative for certain small skin lesions. Before embarking on the procedure, one must be very specific and clear in mind regarding anticipated benefits, avoiding unnecessary burden on diagnostic centers with limited resources. There are various types of skin biopsies and the choice lies in site involved, suspected disease, specific anatomy and of course size of the lesion. This article explains pre-biopsy evaluation of patients, site selection, and types of skin biopsies with their respective indications, area preparation, and choice of anesthesia and possible complications that can bother an internist. 

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Aisha Ghias, king edward medical university / mayo hospital lahore

senior registrar, dermatlogy departmnt mayo hospital lahore


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