Microsclerotherapy as a modality of treatment in superficial venous malformations

Farid Ahmad Khan, Khalil Al Nakib, Abdul Rehman Awf Quaba


Venous malformation is a difficult clinical problem with a wide spectrum. There is a continuum of localized venous malformations from blue telangiectatic capillaries through spongy blebs, through cavernous lesions to diffuse venous ectasias. Apart from cosmetic concern majority of localized superficial venous malformations are asymptomatic and managed by explanation and reassurance. With the advent of laser therapy patients with this distinct group of superficial flat venous malformations were referred to our laser suite. Response to laser therapy was poor because of large diameter of the abnormal vessels. Microsclerotherapy, an established method of treatment of lower limb telangiectasias, was tried on twenty five patients with localized superficial malformations. The outcome was satisfactory indicating that microsclerotherapy can be used safely as an effective modality of treatment for superficial malformations.  


Microsclerotherapy, venous malformation

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