Use of traditional herbal medicines in the treatment of eczema


  • Sonia Khiljee
  • Nisar Ur Rehman
  • Tanzila Khiljee
  • Rao Saeed Ahmad
  • Muhammad Yousuf Khan
  • Uzair Ahmad Qureshi


Eczema, herbal medicines


Use of traditional herbal medicines is very common in Pakistani society. It is more prevalent in villages and Cholistan desert areas where medical facilities are less available, so generally people rely on herbal treatments for their diseases. Mostly herbal remedies are very effective and have fewer side effects. In this review some commonly used herbal remedies for treatment of eczema are discussed. Unfortunately, research on herbal drugs in terms of controlled clinical trials in humans is scanty. Hopefully, clinical research in the herbals opens new avenues in therapeutics. 


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