Efficacy of platelet-rich plasma in the treatment of melasma: a pilot study


  • Farzana Faiz
  • Atif Shehzad
  • Rabia Farooq
  • Shaiqa Mufti
  • Asma Nasir
  • Tahir Jamil Ahmad


Platelet rich plasma, melasma


Objective To evaluate the efficacy of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) in patients with melasma attending the dermatology outpatient clinic of a tertiary care hospital. Methods We performed a therapeutic trial of 20 melasma patients having Fitzpatrick skin type, III, IV and V. Both male and female patients with mixed melasma were included in the study. The treatment included five fortnightly sessions of autologous PRP injections in the facial melasma.  Results were assessed by percentage reduction in baseline MASI score and by digital photography. The patients with baseline reduction in MASI score between 0 to 25% were labeled as showing mild response; 25-50% reduction fair response, 50-75% reduction good response and >75% reduction as excellent responders. The treatment trial was considered effective if there was greater than 50% reduction in MASI score from the base line. Results Of 20 enrolled patients with mixed melasma, 5 patients lost to follow-up. Mean age of the patients was 28 years. Of 15 evaluable patients, 2 (13.3%) patients showed good response, 9 (60%) patients showed fair response, and 4 (26.7%) patients poor response. None of patients showed excellent response. Conclusion Platelet-rich plasma may prove to be an effective adjuvant therapy for the treatment of melasma. 


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