Efficacy of 20% zinc oxide paste versus 15% salicylic acid - 15% lactic acid combination in treatment of common viral warts


  • Bushra Rehman Niazi
  • Dr. Farid–ur–Rehman


Warts, lactic acid, salicylic acid, zinc oxide


Objective To compare the efficacy of 20% zinc oxide paste versus 15% salicylic acid-15% lactic acid combination in treatment of common viral warts. Methods In this randomized controlled trial, 210 patients suffering from common warts for more than three months duration were enrolled. These patients were randomly divided into two groups A and B; having 105 each. Group A patients were treated with topical 20% zinc oxide paste, whereas group B were treated with 15% salicylic-15% lactic acid combination. Patients were instructed to apply medication for 15 minutes, let it dry and then rub the wart with an emery stone before the next application. Patients were reviewed monthly for a period of three months to examine the change in number and size of warts. Efficacy of treatment was defined as more than 50% decrease in size of common warts at the end of 3 months of therapy. Results Efficacy was achieved in 65 (61.9%) patients of group B (15% salicylic acid-15% lactic acid combination) as compared to 48 (45.7%) patients group A (20 % zinc oxide paste), which was statistically significant (p< 0.05). Conclusion Topically applied 15% salicylic acid-15% lactic acid combination is superior in efficacy to 20% zinc oxide paste in treatment of common viral warts. 


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